* Some host do offer Full Hookup service, please contact them for prices.

Luc Bernier
150 meters from site
(418) 875-1316

5 room to rent

** Added august 14, 2022 **
Martin Goulet (football field parking)
915 route 173
St-Joseph Qc G0S 2V0
(581) 372-3535

Spaces for 14 RV and/or trailer (4 minutes walking distance to activities). W/O service. Level ground. Cars 10$ per day. RV or trailer 100$ for the weekend.

Parc Municipal
ville de St-Joseph
(418) 397-4358

100 trailer spaces as of Thursday evening. Near activity sites – water and pump-out.

Camping St-Joseph
about 3 km from site
(418) 397-5953

Spaces for 47 trailer. (With or W/O service).

M. René Lessard
(418) 397-1773

3 trailer spaces + accommodations available.

Terrain Rue Courbe-Voie
(418) 222-3089/397-6260

25 trailer or RV spaces.

M. Louis Lessard
(418) 386-7464

30 lots for trailer and RV with facility (water & electricity).

Patrice Roy
(418) 397-6631
Vincent Roy
(418) 397-7619 or (418) 389-7619

95 RV and trailer spaces, 500 car parking spaces

Polyvalente Veilleux
(418) 386-5541 poste 5033

20 RV and trailer spaces, 200 car parking spaces, $10/day.

Étienne Gagné
(418) 397-1802
(418) 389-5995

30 RV and trailer spaces, (400 feet from the site).

Patrick or Julie Hôtel Le Journel Resto-Bar
(418)- 397-4052
Toll free: 1-866-397-4052

40 spaces for trailer or RV. On site: motel, restaurant, bar, gaz station. At 1500 feet from the site.

M. Roger Brousseau
418-397-4266 home
418-397-5808 work

4 RV or Trailer spaces..

Micheline Maheu

Above 3 km from the site, 10 à 15 RV and trailer spaces.

Jocelyn Ratté
418-397-5101 (evening)

About 1 km from site, 5 RV or trailer spaces (max. 24 foot), with water and electricity.

Town of Saint-Joseph de Beauce

100 RV and trailer spaces, 500 car parking spaces under supervising. Quiet place and about 1200 feet from the site.

Alain Maheu
418-397-5178 / 418-209-8661 cell.

RV and trailer spaces + parking for cars. 2000 feet from the site.

Gîte au vieux Pont Couvert
(418) 774-4799

At 15 minutes of the site. Contact: Julie Létourneau

Moulin des Fermes
(Chantal Leclerc)
418 397-1420

7 trailer spaces (no service). About 3 km from site.

Nathalie Gilbert
(418) 397-4369

Spaces for 5 trailer. (no service) About 2 km from site.

Jocelyn Gagné
418 397-5102
418 389-5888

Spaces for 20 trailer. (no service).

La Villa du Moulin
(Marie-Josée Audet 418 397-5400 ext. 3)
(Christina Mathieu 418 230-9384)

Spaces for many vehicules, R.V. and trailers (no service). About 1200 feet from the site.

M. Richard Gilbert
(418) 209-3333

25 trailer or RV spaces + water (no electricity).

Trailers for rent
for the weekend of the event.
(800 foot from the event).
May accomodate 5 adults.

Please contact: René Caux
418 397-1725

Space for 4 trailers or RVs
(with electricity)

Please contact: Ghislain Robert
418 397-5041

Restaurant Bellevue
(418) 397-6132

Space for 15 trailers or RVs (Some of them may have electricity).

More trailer parking!

This year, parking areas #2 and #3 will be enlarged and there will also be a significant increase in car space.

In addition, the football field along Highway 173 will also be open to cars and trailers.

Please note, however, that cars will be tolerated only in designated parking areas.

Regarding alcoholic beverages

As in previous years, no alcohol may be brought to the site from outside and access is prohibited without the bracelet. We request that you encourage the on-site kiosks because the event depends largely on the revenue generated. The organizing committee thanks you in advance for your understanding.

Another major improvement: the Roman Coliseum will have more attractions and new stands for spectators!!!

Parking spaces (without services) for fifth wheels are available near the site. (Parc Municipal, St-Joseph's Hall)

Free shower:

Free access to the shower at the Aréna of St-Joseph. See schedule:
Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The following accommodations are also available:


Hôtel Le Journel
Motel Bellevue


Gîte de la Lune au Soleil  (418)-397-4190

St-Georges 28 km

Le Georgesville
Comfort Inn
Motel Alexandrin
Motel Voyageur
Le Grand Hôtel (418) 228-3141


Gîte De La Rivière
Maison Vinot
La Sérénade

Ste-Marie 24 km

Motel Invitation Inn
Motel La Différence


Chez Mamie Line

Beauceville 15 km

Hotel la Cache du Golf


La Maison d`Élyse

Saints-Anges 11 km

Gîte chez Gilles

Scott Jonction 34 km (about 15 min. from race track)

La Cache à Maxime
Hôtel, cottage, restaurant and spa built in the middle of a wineyard
1 855-387-5060